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Wire Mesh Cylinder

Wire mesh cylinder mainly be used to petroleum, oil refining, chemicals, light industry, medicine metallurgy, machinery, ships, automobile, tractors absorption, evaporation, filtration , eliminating droplet droplet of vaporor gas, air cleaner of automobile and tractor.

The mainly material for mes cylinder: stainless steel mesh,galvanized steel mesh, nickel mesh, nickel mesh, etc.

Some multi-layers metal filter tube are made of woven mesh, perforated mesh, expanded mesh, outer layer to support, and inner layer to fiilter.

Some muti-layers metal mesh is sintered by two or more layers(2~12layers) of stainless steel wire mesh, which are compressed and sintered together in vacuum. Its micron rating ranges from 0.5micron to 300micron.

Finish: acid washing make surface bright and smooth; polished treatment make surface no pricks.

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