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XYL-21 Rotary Type Pipeline Filter

Technical Parameters
1. Nominal flow rate: 200L/min
2. Filtration accuracy: 50μm
3. Working pressure: 0.7MPa, and bursting pressure: 2.0MPa
4. Bypass valve opening pressure: 0.02MPa, and blockage warning pressure: 0.018MPa
5. Allowable pressure loss: 0.01MPa
6. Operating temperature: ≤ 120℃
7. The technical condition meets relevant requirements in GB/T20079-2006 Hydraulic Filter Technical Conditions, and the experimental method conforms to relevant requirements in GB/T18853-2002 Multiple-pass Method for Evaluating the Filter Element Filtration Performance of a Hydraulic Transmission Filter.
8. After using hands to rotate a filter drum and compressing, rotate 4/5-1 circle again, and the tightening torque is 55N.m-60N.m.

Outline Dimension

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